Hopefully these will answer any questions you may have. If not, just email me.

Q: "My class uses the 13th edition. Can I still use the notes on this site?"
A: The short answer: Yes. There really is not much of a difference between the content of the 12th edition and the content of the 13th edition. Aside from chapter titles and chapter orders changing, you shouldn't notice much of a difference. After all, you can't change U.S. history.

Q: "Can I print the notes without the advertisements?"
A: Yes. To do this, you must select all of the text and then select "Print Selection" from the printer options.

Q: "Why did you create this site?"
A: When I went through the A.P. U.S. History course myself, I typed up all of my notes for The American Pageant. When many of my classmates started to ask for the notes, I created a Geocities website to post them. Soon, the small amount of free bandwidth limited the capacity of the site...and thus....ApNotes.net was formed. Due to the positive feedback from users, I have maintained this site to better serve students' needs.

Q: "How do I cite the text (for class, papers, etc)?"
A: Visit citations to find out how to make citations for the text.

Q: "Who created this site?"
A: The notes and content of this site were created by Ian Meginnis. The site design, layout, and images were created by Matt Fisher, John Dimmick, and Ian Meginnis.

Q: "I found a mistake in the notes. How can I let you know?"
A: You can contact me via email at notes@apnotes.net.

Q: "Does APNotes.net have a privacy policy and a terms of use?"
A: It sure does: Privacy Policy and Terms of Use