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The American Pageant Citations
Learn about making citations for The American Pageant in a Works Cited.

AP U.S. History Exam Information
Information directly from CollegeBoard's website about the AP U.S. History Exam.

U.S. History Course Description
Complete course and exam information from including: Sample Multiple-Choice Questions with Answers; Sample DBQs; Sample Essays; Scoring Guidelines.

The American Pageant Practice Tests: 13th Edition;  12th Edition;  11th Edition; 
Practice tests for each chapter from the textbook's website.

Free Response Questions
Free response questions, scoring criteria, and sample responses from past AP US History exams.

AP U.S. History 2006 Exam (also see 2001 Exam)
About every four years, the AP Program releases a complete copy of each exam. This is the latest AP U.S. History that has been released and includes answers and explanations to the multiple-choice and DBQ sections. Although you do have to buy the exam from, this would be a great resource to use to simulate an actual exam.

Cracking the AP U.S. History Exam, 2015 Edition (Princeton Review) Contains a brief yet informative summary of the AP U.S. History exam.

Information on the White House
Contains information on the development, construction, and re-construction of the White House.